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Greeting People In Spanish Worksheet Pdf

Greeting People In Spanish Worksheet Pdf. Spanish pronouns exercise (mixed) spanish indirect object pronouns worksheet (le, les, me, nos…) spanish personal pronouns worksheet (yo, tú, él, ella…) spanish possessive pronouns worksheet (el mío, el tuyo) spanish possessive adjectives worksheet (mío, mis, su…) Say, ¡buenas tardes! in spanish, like a pro and have everyone shook around you.

Introduce Yourself [for Spanish Speakers]
Introduce Yourself [for Spanish Speakers] from busyteacher.org

As for the second one, students must match each. In a country and in a city. Spanish introductions and greetings pdf worksheets.

Spanish Pronouns Exercise (Mixed) Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns Worksheet (Le, Les, Me, Nos…) Spanish Personal Pronouns Worksheet (Yo, Tú, Él, Ella…) Spanish Possessive Pronouns Worksheet (El Mío, El Tuyo) Spanish Possessive Adjectives Worksheet (Mío, Mis, Su…)

Print the worksheet and give each student a copy. See you later good evening hello goodbye 2. September 27, 2017 at 7:59 pm.

For The First One, Students Must Read The Greetings And Farewells In Spanish In The Yellow Box On The Left And Fill In The Chart On The Right Depending On Whether These Phrases Are Formal Or Informal.

In a country and in a city. Hello, my name is, how are you?, goodbye celebrity interview. Toss a soft ball back and forth practicing new expressions:

Students Could Study About Greetings And Different Personal Introductions.

Learning hint open a magazine at random and use the pictures to practise spanish.

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